Increasement of USA Triathlon Membership Fees

       Responding to increasing insurance costs among other issues, the USA Triathlon Board of Directors voted Saturday to raise the All Japanese Pass costs of USAT annual and one-day memberships. The cost of an annual Idols 69 membership will go from $25 to $30 per year. The cost of a one-day membership will increase from $7 to $9. USA AnalNippon videos has not changed the cost of an annual membership since 1993, when the price dropped from $32 to $25. Some BigTitsTokyo membership costs will be staying the same. The cost of a silver membership will remain $100 and the cost of a gold membership stays at $200. A youth annual membership if you buy Vimax products is still $15 and a youth one-day is still $3.

       The increased costs reflect a predicted 30-percent rise in USA Triathlon's insurance premiums for 2003. USA Triathlon provides its members with health insurance coverage over and above their own, should they be injured during a USA Triathlon-sanctioned race. Annual members are insured for the year. One-day members are insured for the day. USA Triathlon also provides liability insurance for events. Event liability insurance protects race directors, venue owners, athletes, sponsors, spectators and volunteers. It is comprehensive and is the principal tool that allows race directors to their events.

       The fee increase will also help fund new USA Triathlon initiatives, such as the hiring of a duathlon coordinator to help that discipline prosper. The organization will also be hiring a full-time risk manager to monitor race safety, which can help prevent future insurance and membership cost increases by decreasing the number of accidents and injuries.

       "I have made no secret of the fact that, as president, I want our federation to become more of a service organization rather than just a governing body," said Ray Plotecia, president of the USA Triathlon Board of Directors.

"With continuing growth comes an expanded requirement to provide service. The duathlon coordinator and risk manager were necessary to provide that support." Finally, the increase will bring USAT membership costs in line with those of other national governing bodies.


       Independent Seattle based video producers, Pro-Motion X5 announces the latest in a series of triathlon videos will debut at REI in Seattle on December 9th, 2002 at 7PM. The video, produced for the Seattle Triathlon Club, is titled "One Perfect Race", and follows two Ironman Hawaii lottery winning club members on their journey to Kailua-Kona for the Triathlon World Championships. In preparation for the big event, the Northwest's premiere races serve as preliminaries, including, The Victoria New Balance 1/2 IM, Pacific Crest, Troika, Dannon Duathlon, Kingfisher, Beaver Lake, Apple Capitol, IM Canada, USAT Nationals, and Carillion Point.

       With stunning action images and an all original soundtrack, Northwest Triathlon 2002: One Perfect Race, takes an accelerated and entertaining look at the people who race and the spectacular Northwest settings in which they compete. It dives deep beneath the surface to answer an all-important question as to why these athletes, elites and newbies alike, push themselves to physical and emotional extremes. It also asks if there is indeed such a thing as "A Perfect Race".

       Other PMX5 videos are now available on VHS and DVD. Northwest Triathlon 99, Northwest Triathlon 2000: The Curse of Pele, and The 2002 Armed Forces Triathlon Championships. Northwest Triathlon 2002: One Perfect will be available for retail on December 10th. A percentage of all video sales return to the Seattle Triathlon Club to assist and support youth scholarship. The Seattle premiere of Northwest Triathlon 2002: One Perfect Race, is open to the public and is sponsored by The Seattle Triathlon Club.

USA Triathlon Race Director Conference

       USAT will be hosting a four-day conference for race directors, which is slate for January 16-19 at the USAT National Training Center in Claremont, Florida. Over 30 speakers will be making presentations to attendees of the conference on topics such as: sponsorship, marketing and course design. Among the long list of speakers is Bill Burke, RD of the Dannon Duathlon series, Todd Bellino of Sign Me Up Sports, and Steve Locke of USAT.

Break -out topics
- Timing/Scoring
- Race Directing 101
- putting on your first triathlon
- Course safety Basic Sponsorship Proposals
- Organizing a triathlon series
- Television for your event
- Working with charities
- Producing a long-distance triathlon
- Working with the Media
- Youth Events
- Off-road Multi-sports
- Budgeting
- Course Design
- Basic of a Safe Event
- Safety and Emergency Plans
- Economic value of your event to the community
- How to market your event On-line registration
- New Events
- Women's Events
- How to run an exposition Aid stations

Break Out Session Rooms:
#1 - Education Room
#2 - Aerobic Room
#3 - Special Olympics Room
#4 - USAT-NTC Conference Room
#5 - Skytop Room
#6 - Poolside Tent

The following meals will be provided at the conference:Thursday night reception, Friday, Saturday and Sunday continental breakfasts, Friday and Saturday lunches, Friday night dinner. Saturday night dinner and Sunday lunch will be on your own.

Sports Science Services
The USA Triathlon National Training Center's state-of-the-art Human Performance Lab offers a wide array of sports science and medical services including the following - Maximal Oxygen Uptake Analysis, Lactate Threshold Analysis, Motion Analysis, Strength Testing, Body Composition Analysis and Flexibility Testing.

Tri-America is Coming to Lake Stevens

       CFT Sommer Sports, producers of the Tri-America Triathlon Series, is proud to announce that Lake Stevens, Washington is one of eight cities selected from across the country to be part of the 2003 Tri-America Triathlon tour. The Tri-America Triathlon Series made its debut in 2002 with a total of six stops on the circuit. The featured event at each stop is the international distance triathlon which consists of a 1.5K swim (.93 miles), 40K bike (24.8 miles) and 10K run (6.2 miles). This is the same distance used at the Olympic Games and ITU World Championships. Tri-America Lake Stevens is scheduled for Sunday, September 7th.

       Each Tri-America venue is carefully chosen to ensure that athletes will compete in a first-class event with the charm and character of the local community complementing it. Scenic and safe courses are the number one concern with the luxury of walking from hotel rooms to the start of the race an added benefit. At each location the post-race party will take on the local flavor giving the athletes a chance to truly Tri-America.

       The Tri-America Lake Stevens event weekend will also include a Kids Triathlon on Saturday, September 6th and an interactive Festival of Sports & Fitness on Saturday and Sunday. The Festival of Sports & Fitness provides something for not only the athletes, but also something that the local community can come out and take part in.

       The Tri-America Triathlon Series is managed by CFT Sommer Sports, a nationally recognized event management team based in Clermont, Florida - the "World Triathlon Destination". With over nineteen years of event experience, the team will bring with them the expertise and knowledge of organizing first class events. CFT Sommer Sports has received numerous awards including #1 Sprint Triathlon Series and Largest Sprint Triathlon Series in the United States by USA Triathlon, one of the Top 10 Triathlons in the USA by Triathlete Magazine, and two events were featured recently in Inside Triathlons "World's Greatest Races" guide.

Triathlon for Beginners

Triathlon is fast becoming one of the most popular activities in the world for amateur athletes. If you have never attempted a triathlon before, is there such a concept as triathlon for beginners?

Triathlon sounds scary-can I do it?

Many Streamate people are terrified at the thought of attempting a triathlon. Once upon a time, triathlon was seen as a niche sport that only appealed to crazy people who liked a challenge. These days, everybody can (and does!) take part in triathlon and as long as you can swim, bike, and run, you will be fine.

What does triathlon involve?

Triathlon is a multi sport event. Competitors have to swim, bike, and run their way around a course and each discipline is timed. The twist with triathlon is that the clock starts the moment you enter the water and does not stop until you cross the finish line at the end of the run, which means you do not have time to blow dry your hair and stop for a rest between events!

Depending on your levels of fitness, there are different lengths of triathlon.

  • Super Sprint - 400m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run
  • Sprint - 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run
  • Olympic - 1500m, swim 40km bike, 10km run
  • Half Ironman - 1.9m swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run
  • Ironman - 3.8m swim, 180km bike, 42.2km (marathon) run

A super sprint or sprint triathlon is probably the best triathlon for beginners to try, but if you are really ambitious (or insane) you can jump right in at the deep end and try an Ironman triathlon!

What equipment do I need?

All you need for your first triathlon is a swimming costume; a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to put on over your swim gear for the bike and run stage; any type of bike plus a bike helmet; and some running shoes. Once you decide you like triathlon, you can think about buying more kit, but until then, you can take part with the bare essentials.

I haven't done enough training!

Don't panic! Anybody with a reasonable level of fitness can manage a shorter distance triathlon. As long as you do a couple of sessions per week in each discipline, you will definitely get round in one piece.

For those who are good at one sport, but do not normally bother with the other two, you will probably find that cross training in all three sports will really enhance your overall fitness as well as reduce the chances of being struck down by injury-particularly if running is usually your sport of choice.

I'm tempted now, but I'm just not sure I will fit in with all those tri-gods in tight lycra...

Triathlon for beginners is not only fun, it is a great way to get fit and make new friends. The triathlon community is very inclusive and if you come along to a beginner-friendly triathlon event, the other competitors are normally more than happy to offer friendly advice and motivational chats.

Try a beginner friendly triathlon and see how long it takes before you are signing up for an Ironman event!

Getting started in triathlons can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. We 've put together a few pointers to help you out and hopefully put you at ease. This is a wonderful sport that can really change your life. Getting started in triathlons is getting on the road to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Good luck and please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about. Of course you should always consult your doctor before starting any type of exercise program.

Sign up for a Triathlon:

This is a great first step. I don't know what it is but once I have some money on the line then all of the sudden I'm much more motivated to hit the gym. If you're reading this you may already have a specific triathlon in mind. If not, check out to find a triathlon near you.

Follow a plan:

Ok, now that you've signed up, what next? Well there are plenty of guidelines, training plans, and books to follow. You can easily spend more time trying to develop a training plan than actually doing the workouts. For your first triathlon we recommend keeping it simple. Check out Joe Friel's book "Your First Triathlon", for some great tips and advice. Joe covers everything from training programs to proper transition set up and everything in between. Once you feel like you know the basics, then you can really dig into the details. Don't forget to check out David Warden's Tri Talk Podcast. David hosts the most popular podcast on the internet and it's jam packed with everything you ever needed (or wanted) to know about triathlons.

The important thing to remember is that you don't want to become so overwhelmed with information that you just give up. Remember triathlons are as simple as swim, bike, run... don't over complicate it!

Train with a buddy or club:

It's 5:00am in the morning and your alarm is buzzing loudly in your ear. It's cold and dark out side and warm and toasty under the covers... what do you do?? This is where a training buddy or joining a club can come in handy. If you've decided to join together with someone else in this adventure then you've got extra motivation to get up and get at it. Don't think that you have to be a pro to join a club. Most clubs cater to all shapes, sizes, and ages and they just love bringing new blood into the sport. At we're teaming up with Triathlon Clubs all over the world, so check out our Triathlon Clubs page and maybe you'll find one close to you.

Get the right gear:

Sure you can do a triathlon in your sweaty, old, cotton workout clothes but there are some great, triathlon specific clothes that can make your training and races a lot more enjoyable. For example, you're going to want to wear shorts and a jersey (or a tri suit) that you can swim, bike, and run in without changing. You can wear these under your wetsuit and when you come out of the water, just peel off the wetsuit and you're good to go!

You'll spend a lot of time training to swim, bike, and run faster so don't botch the whole thing by having to change into dry clothes when you get out of the water. Transitioning from swim to bike and from bike to run is all part of the race. The right clothing can really cut your transition times down.

Also, do you need a Triathlon wetsuit or not?? Next to the bike, the triathlon wetsuit will be your biggest purchase. This ain't the cheapest sport in the world, that's for sure. If the water is warm then don't worry about it. Some events will ban wetsuits if it's too warm. Some races recommend wetsuits and others will require it. If a wetsuit is recommended then by all means wear one!! And no, I'm not talking about your water skiing wetsuit, you'll want to get a triathlon specific wetsuit. Check these out to see what I mean. Not only do they provide warmth, but also buoyancy and speed.

There's a huge difference between swimming in the pool with the nice little lap lanes and clear water as opposed to swimming in open water such as a lake, river, or the ocean. Most of the time you can't see jack diddly under the water and you've got people bumping into you or trying to swim over the top of you. A nice buoyant wetsuit can give you a little extra comfort and security in knowing that you'll stay afloat. And since it keeps you floating, you've got less to drag through the water which makes you faster. Plus tri wetsuits are coated to make you as slippery as a fish. You'll definitely be faster with a tri wetsuit than without. And yes you can try wearing your old water skiing suit. I saw a guy with a heavy duty diving suit once before. The problem is that these wetsuits are not designed for swimming so you'll be left coming out of the water feeling drained and too pooped to pucker.... or bike and run for that matter. You also have the option to rent or buy a used wetsuit but let's face it, do you really know where that wetsuit has been?? It's an old surfer trick to relieve oneself in their wetsuit to warm it up a bit. You may be inheriting a wetsuit from an ex-surfer turned triathlete. Better to be safe and just get a decent, new triathlon wetsuit.

Check out the Triathlon Checklist:

We've put together a checklist for you to review and make sure you're ready. Feel free to print it out and keep it handy.

Be Prepared!

Thanks to the Boy Scouts for this great motto. When it comes down to the final hours before your race be sure that you're prepared. Pack the car the night before. Make sure you get there early to stake out your transition area and get all checked in. For my first triathlon I was the third person to show up in the morning. My family thinks I'm a bit anal and they're probably right but I was nervous enough as it was and I didn't want to hassle with waiting in long lines to get my body marking or trying to fight for a good spot on the bike rack. Better to get there early and get everything set up.

Bring the Kids!

Triathlons are a family event. If you've been training hard then chances are it's because you've had the support of your spouse and kids. Bring the whole family so they can see what all the fuss is about. Plus, your kids make for an instant cheering section. When you're coming to the finish line and you don't think you have anything left to give, sometimes it's your kid's sign saying, "Go Daddy Go!!" that makes all the difference in the world.

Don't give up!

Everyone gets frustrated at one point or another. You'll feel that you're not progressing fast enough or you're just not seeing the results you thought you would. Remember the encouraging words from Dora in "Finding Nemo", just keep swimming, just keep swimming.... Doing your first triathlon is a life changing event. A wise man once said, "I didn't say it was going to be easy, only that it would be worth it". If you find you need a little motivational kick in the pants then check out Team Hoyt and their video.

Good luck and remember to HAVE FUN!!

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